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Elo’s Beach House is located on the stunning stretch of Diani Beach in Kenya; This charming beach house is ideally located at the end of the Diani Beach Road and the start of Galu Beach which heads south towards Kaya Kinondo and Chale Island.

The beach here is not as busy and is frequented by both locals and tourists alike; there is a fishing village nearby as well as restaurants, bars, shops and water sports centres.

The house is beautifully set in a private walled compound surrounded by a lush greenery, it boasts a spacious open plan living area with large comfortable couches and a dining and bar area.

The property has a large swimming pool with a shaded area and small paddling pool, ideal for small children.

The garden is full of indigenous plants and trees and we have a growing nursery as we firmly believe in preserving the natural beauty of the area; along with this there is an array of varied bird and insect life, not to mention the monkeys.

Relaxing by the pool you are guaranteed an amazing spectacle of colour and life!  KARIBUNI

Elo's Beach House 1-6.jpg
Elo's Beach House 1-41.jpg
Elo's Beach House 1-36.jpg
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